We are Serious Developers Committed to Open SDN

Open source software, open communication, and the development and deployment of real-world SDN solutions is what we are all about. Whether you are an experienced freelance SDN developer, someone looking to help out in your first open source project, a student or member of a research community, or a member of a coding team for an SDN company, we hope this site will quickly become your go-to resource for SDN software.

Bookmark us as we will be developing our online community (you can find information on how to sign up), subscribe to our mailing lists, join a project (you’ll need to sign up for GitHub, join the project, and then hook up to our mailing lists, wiki’s, and other links), and jump in!

On June 9th, 2015, we introduce ATRIUM to the world. It is the major project of OSSDN and Open Networking Foundation. Please visit that project and see how your organization can contribute code, equipment, or use cases.

Remember, this is your community, and we want to help you succeed whatever your SDN goals may be. Good luck, and let us know how we can improve!


Open Source SDN (OSSDN) is a non-profit online community dedicated to recognizing, producing, and sharing open source software that helps network operators deploy SDN. Our goal is to create, reference, or otherwise point out solutions that can be leveraged by those who manage networks. OSSDN is sponsored by Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a user-driven organization dedicated to the promotion and adoption of Software Defined Networking (SDN) through open standards development. Details about the relationship between OSSDN and ONF are found in the FAQ section of this website.

our Blog

Code Drop! iSDX Project to Open Source SDN

March 18th 2016

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Should You Use Open Source?

April 28th 2015

Open. It’s one of the most overused words in networking these days. And sometimes it’s used properly, other times less so. But buzzworthiness aside, the...

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Our Events

  • ONF & ISDX Webinar: Solving Internet Routing Problems with Software-Defined Internet Exchange Points

    Internet routing can be unreliable, inflexible, and difficult to manage because of constraints imposed by Border Gateway Protocol...

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  • Layer123 - NFV World Congress 2016

    Layer123 is delighted to offer NFV World Congress in April 2016, San Jose, as the centre of gravity for the...

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    Launched in the spring of 2012 - the first global SDN conference - SDN & OpenFlow World Congress...

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