We are Serious Developers Committed to Open SDN

We are the Open Source SDN Community. Whether you are an experienced freelance SDN developer, someone looking to help out in your first open source project, a student or member of a research community, or a member of a coding team for an SDN company, we hope this site will quickly become your go-to resource for SDN software.

Bookmark us as we will be developing our online community, subscribe to our lists, join a project (you’ll need to sign up for GitHub, join the project, and then hook up to our mailing lists, wiki’s, and other links), and jump in!

Remember, this is your community, and we want to help you succeed whatever your SDN goals may be. Good luck, and let us know how we can improve!


Stu Bailey

OSSDN SLC Chair, CTO, Infoblox

Rob Sherwood

OSSDN Vice Chair, CTO, Big Switch Networks

Jono Bacon

Senior Director of Community, XPRIZE

Saurav Das

Principal System Architect, ONF

Carl Moberg

Technology Director, Tail-F/Cisco

Ben Pfaff

Developer, Open vSwitch Project, Nicira

Dan Talayco

CEO, Self-Referential Software, CEO and Director of Wetware Development

Jasson Casey

Executive Director, Flowgrammable