Join. Together. In the (SDN) Band.      

Posted on February 12, 2015

When you hear this sound a-comin’.
when you hear the drummer drumming,
Won’t you join together with the band?
We don’t move in any ‘ticular direction,
And we don’t make no collections,
Won’t you join together with the band?

I’m not all that sure that Pete Townshend of The Who had SDN in mind when he wrote—and Roger Daltry sang—this anthem way back in 1972. After all, getting packets to move in the right direction to the intended party was a big success back then. And I can’t tell you the stuff I was into when I was in high school those years, but this music was part of that anthem.


We have come a long way, but some 70’s-type values are still moving us forward, particularly as we launch this entire Open Source SDN community.
It’s about joining, it’s about coming together, it’s about sharing—in a new, open source way to build and deploy SDN solutions.


Like the lyrics state, there has been an SDN “sound a-comin” for a few years. OpenFlow. OpenDaylight. OF-Test, ONOS, SPRING-OPEN. Indigo and Mininet…you just sense that the piece-parts are coming together, and momentum is building (yeah, kinda sounds like a Keith Moon bass drum pounding out the rhythm…). And while we have some ideas abot the “’ticular” direction we want to go, we have a lot of latitude for your particular insight—your riffs—as we build this community. There are no kings, no self-appointed bosses, no proprietary lock-in, and no reams of process getting in the way.We want to create an SDN band.


We want to create a community. We’re investing resources, time, effort, and some digital sweat to create a community worthy of your participation, your engagement, your time.And “we don’t make no collections”, either. This is 100% open source, 100% easy for you to contribute, 100% easy for you to add, to leverage for your own products, or for you to create a common toolset that allows your company to provide your “secret sauce” on the borders to make things hum. While your company will benefit from being an ONF member in some serious ways, you don’t have to pay a dime to join OSSDN.

It’s an open source SDN community band.
We are going to have fun.
We are going to make mistakes.
We are going to learn a ton.
We are going to change the SDN world.

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