On our way: Thoughts on OSSDN after a month of crazy mad activity . . .

Posted on March 25, 2015 -  By Rick Bauer,  Open Networking Foundation/Open Source SDN

We started this site on February 17, 2015. It’s April 9th, 2015.

We are still alive.

We have added 6 open source projects to the Open Source SDN community site at https://groups.OpenSourceSDN.org  (register for free membership). The GitHub teams are forming, code is being written, documentation is following. We’ll talk more about them soon.

We’ve worked with companies and individuals wishing to build open source SDN projects, and who think our new environment just might be the place to build them.

We’re working on some projects that we’ll be announcing shortly.

Some things that are needed in the world of SDN.

Could be some game-changers.

We’ve heard from folks who think this is the greatest thing in the world–a portal for linking all the open source software together. A useful landing page for all things open source SDN.

We’ve heard from others who thought we were trying to corner the market on open source SDN projects (after some discussions, our motives are becoming clearer, and people are starting to work with us even more).

We want to help, we want to encourage projects all over the world, and we want to celebrate the good work of good projects wherever they are, and whomever is leading them.

It’s been fun, a bit crazy, and we need a t-shirt that says, “What is needed is an acceptable level of out of control.” If we translated it into Latin, it would sound a heck more profound.

The projects are fun, and the people are great.

This thing might just work.


Rick Bauer, OSSDN Site Manager


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