Community is powerful; it’s the ‘secret sauce’ behind the success of open source software. Thank you for considering joining our Open Source SDN community—either one project,or the entire community. Regardless of your terms of engagement and participation, we want to make this community work for your professional goals and for the success of SDN.

We have a website that reaches out to the world, and will be a landing/portal for all things SDN software. At the back of our work, ONF’s GitHub environment supports the builds and development work for all the OSSDN-sponsored software projects. In between is our community website, allowing people to communicate and work together on specific projects that OSSDN is sponsoring.

The architecture is three-fold, as the following diagram details:

Open Source
SDN Publications

Gateway into community and software development projects.

Click here to access project documents.

Open Source
SDN COmmunity

Environment where all communications, lists and development projects share and store their project related informations

Self-enroll, free to join and located at http://groups. opensourcesdn. org

Open Source Github
Software Environment

When OSSDN projects have their development environment.

Requires (Free) GitHub registration and self-enrollment in the the particular GitHub project you want to join.
https://github.com/?Open Networking Foundation

Here's another way of understanding the
three'fold architecture

The Open Source
SDN Portal

The outward-facing website that will serve as a landing portal for all things relating to open source SDN. A place to learn, discover,and dig deeper into all of the software being developed for SDN

The Open Source SDN
Community Site

The open source community that everyone can join. Groups gather to plan and to build software, supported by group areas, wiki’s, mailing lists, and other tools that foster communication and interaction. Calendars of events and other activities. Free to everyone to join; no special membership or dues charged for participation.

The ONF GitHub

Where ONF and OSSDN software development projects are built. Requires free membership and registration on GitHub and joining the individual project on the ONF GitHub repository.

However much you engage in our community, we hope it’s rewarding for you. Right now, we are in our infancy, but our plan is to grow to accommodate many open source SDN projects worldwide. If you are interested in joining (or starting a project), this is the place to be.

If there’s any way we can help you, or if you want to offer a suggesting to improve this community. please let us know (OSSDN@opennetworking.org) and thanks for making our community grow.