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The Answer to Internet of Things Madness? Open Source, of Course!

The Register | October 17, 2016

“Open is always going to win,” states Ed Hemphill, CEO of WigWag, a company that hopes to make sense of the ever-expanding and ever-more-complex Internet of Things market.

WigWag is named after the traditional flags used by the US military’s Signal Corps to communicate messages. Hemphill and his cofounder Travis McCollum both served in the Signal Corps before starting up their company in Austin, Texas.

Unlike their main competitors – SmartThings, owned by Samsung, and Wink – WigWag plans to use the power of open source software and the broader technical community to create the solution that more and more people are asking for: a way to make the disparate world of smart-home products function together.

“Open source is ultimately more flexible,” Hemphill notes, “and since it’s completely exposed, it is far more likely that bugs will be found.”

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