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OpenFlow Sample Tapping Application

A simple networking tapping application created to illustrate SDN and OpenFlow (1.0) basic functionality


The SampleTap application (see figure above) is an educational tool based on OpenFlow® 1.0 and designed to run on an OpenDaylight controller. Briefly explained, the SampleTap application allows any OpenFlow® 1.0-compliant switch to be used as a tap-aggregation device. This particular application is a valuable aid in filtering out specific flows in the network for analysis or capture—critical for troubleshooting. The educational experience in using ONF’s SampleTap is in being able to cost-effectively observe and monitor the traffic between any two points in the network, without having to move around a host of network cables. SampleTap also provides a low-footprint means of copying and filtering all relevant network data, while allowing all data to flow to its intended destination unimpeded. SampleTap is an application designed for a low impact, minimally-disruptive OpenFlow® experience. While more complex operations with SDN are available today and are sold by many ONF member companies, SampleTap allows end users to experiment with SDN behaviors in rudimentary ways without disrupting their live networks.

Developed by Wiretap Labs, the SampleTap app gives the end user the ability to program a series of match/action requests on the incoming tap port, add port-chains for transformation (e.g. truncation, decryption etc.) and distribute captured packets to multiple capture devices simultaneously.

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Andrew Pearce ONF Contractor


Open Source SDN/Apache 2.0

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