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Project BOULDER:
Intent Northbound Interface (NBI)

Boulder, an OpenSource SDN project for Intent-based Northbounds of SDN controllers, focuses on semantics and information models to enable applications to tell networks what to do and is designed to provide Intent portability across different controller environments. It provides a layer that shields application developers from any API changes or northbound evolution, and provides both a declarative or imperative approach for writing applications through its scripting environment.

Boulder is dual-licensed under both Apache Software License and Eclipse Public License so that it can be leveraged in other controller projects.

Boulder was demoed both at ONS and ODL Summit. It will officially be released later this year.

Project Summary

Project Leader

Adolfo Perez-Duran (Cyretix)


Open Source SDN/Apache 2.0 & Eclipse Public License (for code going to OpenDaylight)

Software Language(s):


Dave Lenrow

Mathieu Lemay